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35 Ertugrul Quotes That Will Inspire and Motivate You

Ertugrul Quotes

Ertugrul Ghazi was the father of Osman and the son of Sulayman Shah who was the leader of Kayi Tribe of Oghuz Turks. Ertugrul’s history is very motivational for the whole Muslim communities all over the world. He was so honest, brave, and wise that his words become quotes for today’s world. Here we have picked a few Ertugrul Quotes for you that will inspire you and motivates you.
Ertugrul was also known as Ertugrul Bey by the people of his tribe. So you can say that these quotes are Ertugrul bey quotes.
Below are the 35 Motivational and inspiring Ertigrul Ghazi Quotes.

“The seed which is not willing to let its shell rot, can not bear fruits.” Ertugrul Bey

“I am only the enemy of oppression and betrayal.” Ertugrul Bey

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Ertugrul Bey

“The most powerful conqueror on Earth is justice. ” Ertugrul Bey

“What is in our hearts, we will reveal by our words and our deeds.” Ertugrul Bey

“This gold was used to bribe the weak among us.” Ertugrul Bey

“If we are thankful for what we have, our hearts will find peace.” Ertugrul Bey

“The strength of our enemy is a sign of our bravery.” Ertugrul Bey

“Existence is a school. Everyone is a student. God is the only teacher.” Ertugrul Bey

“Only those who can dream big can walk forward in the road of victory.” Ertugrul Bey

“Those who are on the side of the Almighty He will never leave them alone.” Ertugrul Bey

“We All came from God, and we will return to Him.” Ertugrul Bey

“One who has no dreams, has no future.” Ertugrul Bey

“Victory will not lead us to arrogance or laziness. We prefer to win one heart rather than a thousand castles. Our goal will be to bring humanity together.” Ertugrul Bey

“I will protect the oppressed even if he is my enemy. But I will not forgive the traitor even if he is my brother.” Ertugrul Bey

“Do you think you can scare me? I have one life and that belongs to God.” Ertugrul Bey

“May my Lord not make me enslaved to my ego and befriend the satan.” Ertugrul Bey

“I have no fear of death. If I surrender before I finish my last breath, then that breath is forbidden for me.” Ertugrul Bey

“The real hero is one who knows how to rise when he falls down.” Ertugrul Bey

“God sees everything and He is aware of your sacrifice – We live to spread the justice of God.” Ertugrul Bey

“It is harder to live bravely than to die bravely. We will do the harder of the two.” Ertugrul Bey

“Do not despair. Instead of enjoying ourselves while sitting in a position of authority that is based on defamation and betrayal, it is far more valuable to be thrown into a dark dungeon and be with Al-Haqq.” Ertugrul Bey

“Stay true to justice and the righteous, do not accept anything but freedom. May your path be open.” Ertugrul Bey

“We know our dying means we come together with God, but we will live for God, for the state.” Ertugrul Bey

As long as we follow Allah’s path, nobody can bring us to our knees.” Ertugrul Bey

“To those who say our power would not be enough, we will say that our faith is enough. To those who say our life would not be enough, we will say our history is enough. To those who say the universe is not enough, we will say ALLAH is enough for us” Ertugrul Bey

“I can handle everything, but not Betrayal” Ertugrul Bey

“You can identify the brave during battle, and good friends with their advice” Ertugrul Bey

“Do not even think about a war you cannot win” Ertugrul Bey

“The path you were on until now is not the truth. You were drifting after a dull cause like a dry leaf caught in the wind” Ibn Arabi to Ertigrul Bey

“Victory! Doesn’t begin by thinking how you’re going to defeat the enemy” Ertugrul Bey

“We will not give up, we won’t give in to despair” Ertugrul Bey

“Patience is the cure for every trouble” Ertugrul Bey

“Do not try to control a horse you cannot control” Ertugrul Bey

“I told you, nobody can forcibly take things from me if I don;t want to give them away” Ertugrul Bey

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