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40+ End of Ramadan Quotes – Beautiful and Peaceful

End of Ramadan Quotes

The holy month of Ramadan is going to its end of the day on 25 May of this year 2020. We will miss all its divine nights and glorified days. Like these holy day’s prayers, we should not want to change ourselves after Ramadan and we should promise to ourselves that we should not change ourselves after Ramadan and send different messages and prayers for these good deeds.
In our content of the end ramadan quotes, you will find the ramadan ending quotes, ramadan greetings words, ramadan special quotes, and different types of ramadan quotations to send your relatives, friends, and family. I hope all these goodwill quotes of ramadan will helpful for you.
In this content, the end of ramadan quotes you will also find eid mubarak ramadan wishes, eid celebration quotes, and eid invitation message. I hope in our content of end ramadan quotes you will be benefitted from our ramadan quotes.

“Every story has a happy ending Just like that Ramadan also
Have a blissful end of Ramadan!”

Ramadan is the name of happiness

“Ramadan is the second name of happiness So, now it’s going to end Let’s enjoy the time with smiles”

Seek guidance from Allah

“Oh, Allah! Guide me after this Ramadan & help me continue the good behaviors that I have developed in this Ramadan.”

End of Ramadan quotes

“Ramadan change the life But has very short tenure Which passes in counting Goodbye Ramadan ”

End of Ramadan quotes

“Like the color of silver, in the night sky, the new moon rises,
the Holy month has past Goodbye Ramadan!”

End of Ramadan quotes

“Like the sun that sets at the end of the day So too, Ramadan will come and go Leaving only its mark on our heart’s sky”

End of Ramadan quotes

“Ramadan is a beautiful month whose start indicates Allah’s mercy
whose middle ensures Allah’s forgiveness whose end grants the freedom from hellfire”

End of Ramadan quotes

“Ramadan is like a unique flower with refreshing fragrance That bloom one time in a whole year From the day of its blossom,Its petals drop one by one And when you start feeling the freshness of its fragrance Its goes for another year!”

Ramadan is our Fate

“Sb ku udas kr k Ramzan ja rha he Sb pe luta k apna faizan ja rha he
Aya that ghar apne qismat hamari ban k”

Celebrate End of Ramadan

“Let’s celebrate the end of Ramadan with a new heart! Have a Blessed end of Ramadan!”

End of Ramadan is not the end

“End of Ramadan is not the end but a start point to a new journey towards Jannah!”

“It’s certain that all the prayers we had during the holy month As brought us freedom, breakthrough, promotion,Upliftment &the likes now & forever.HAPPY Ramadan Ending”

Good Bye Ramadan

“The month of blessing is going on So say bye happily And ask for the return Goodbye Ramadan”

“Ending of Ramadan is sad Sad by all aspects But now we had to say it goodbye”

“Ramadan is the month for worship and meditation and spending less time on daily life activities. The month of purification for Muslims is going to end. Alwida Ramadan”

“Oh Allah, please bless me with the opportunity to see many more Ramadans and to perform much better worship of You than I have done this year and in the past.”

“YA ALLAH! Hum Ne Jo Rozay Rakhay, Jo Ebadatain Ki Aur Jo Namazain Parhin, YA ALLAH Qabool Karna.Aur Jo Hum Se Galatiyan Huen, YA ALLAH Unhe Darguzar Kar Dena, Aur Hum Sab Ko Mauf Kar Dena, Hum Sab Ki Qayamat Ke Din Maghfirat Farmana!!(A M E E N)”

“Saying goodbye is not an easy job especially if you in love with Ramadan. Goodbye Ramadan!”

“Your honest wishes, your dedication, your faith in Allah, will make you a totally changed person, to help your fellow beings with sincerity and real love.Alwida Ramadan”

“I wish that when sun of the next morning will rise, its shining rays will bring the pleasure, success, and fortune for you and for whom you love the most. Alwida Ramadan”

“May Allah bless you always, make your dreams come true and be with you now and always. Have a Blessed end of Ramadan! – Celebration Day Mubarak”

“Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant. May the blessings you seek to make you a better person! Have a Blissful End of the Holy Month”

“Ramadan is the best time of the year to beg Allah for mercy and to show gratitude for His infinite beatifications and granting us life to observ this Ramadan!”

“Allah!! Please accept my fasts and give me Ajar of it.”

“ Allah!! Please forgive all my sins before the Ramadan ends.”

“Oh Allah, please accept all of my prayers, fasting, and remembrance of You during this blessed month.”

“Please forgive me for the shortcomings in my worship and help me improve by next Ramadan.”

“Ya Allah, help me continue the good habits I have acquired during Ramadan.”

“Oh Allah, please make me of the righteous, the guided, and those You love.”

“Ya Allah, please guide me and my family to the Straight Path and help us become excellent Muslims for Your sake.”

“I worship only You and only from You do I seek help. Please increase Your bounty for me”

“Ya Allah, You are the embodiment of forgiveness, You love to forgive, Please disregard my shortcomings, O Forgiver, Ghafoor, the Forgiving Lord.”

“Oh Allah, make it easy for me to do good and help me avoid the bad in all situations.”

“Oh Allah, grant me success in all of my affairs in this life and the Next.”

“Please increase me in knowledge and bless me with excellent teachers.”

“Ya Allah, let me die in the highest state of Iman.”

“Oh Allah, bless this Ummah, guide us, and unite our hearts.”

“Ya Allah, lift my heart, relieve my burdens, and make me of those who put their full trust in You for all of their affairs.”

“Oh Allah, please bless me with the opportunity to see many more Ramadans and to perform much better worship of You than I have done this year and in the past.”

“Ya Allah, open our hearts towards our neighbors.”

“Ya Allah, open the hearts of our neighbors towards us.”

“Ya Allah, unite the Muslims in the USA and the world to serve Allah’s creation to please Him.”

“Ya Allah, give Sabr (patience) and freedom to the innocent prisoners and guide those who are at fault.”

“Ya Allah, You take care of the oppressed. Please help the oppressed in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Chechnya and other parts of the world.”

“Ya Allah, guide oppressors to the right path and move the hearts of extremists from the harmful path.”

“Ya Allah, guide oppressors to the right path and move the hearts of extremists from the harmful path.”

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